Kitchen luv

A picture of my favorite vintage jars!

Had too much fun with Matt and Bunny last night I’m exhausted and need a nap!  Last night Matt and I went to a steakhouse and ate some steak and then came back to my house and watched the last Harry Potter movie on our new flat screen.  For a minute we didn’t have a tv in our living room now we have a huge one with a blue ray player!

Sheesh, I need a nap. That’s all for now

xoxo ally and bunny

After christmas story

I want to make this quick I’m so tired and Matt and Bunny are already asleep looking so comfy I want to join them!

Long story short, Christmas was great, so much fun, so much food, so much family.  I love Matt’s family.  They’re all so spunky and love to play games at holiday gatherings which is the greatest ice breaker ever!  His sister has the cutest pug I’ve ever seen that gives hugs on command!  My family was awesome too, home-made perogies, wine coolers, MY MOM, tons of presents and little ones.

Matt got me the North Face Parka I wanted!!!!!!! Also some embroidery floss, a yankee candle, a glue gun for his house (such a cutie) and some glue sticks, and the best christmas ever!

Work was super rough this weekend but I made it through hopefully with the holiday’s passing it won’t suck so hard.  I miss liking my job.  After my really busy work day on Monday, Matt had a potluck dance party //it was saweeet.  So much ham , now I can make my own ham n cheese omelette for dinner tomorrow : )  I’ve been shopping the last three days in a row there’s just too many sales and I want everything.  I got three new pairs of thigh high socks, four wool sweaters, a floral dress, a strapless long black dress, a cute fish net to wear over my bathing suit, and some cute rings that I can pretend I’m married now so guys at the cafe stop creeping me out.  We’ll see if this helps at all.

Anyways, my eyelids are getting heavy, I love all of you


p.s – I promise to be crafting soon I needed a break!

girlfriend gift exchange..

All girls gift exchange was super fun.  We laughed a lot, Bunny and Sarah’s dog Penny played the whole time!  You should have seen all the presents!!!!  I got a mushroom kitchen towel, a hand made ceramic cupcake, a photo-transfer of Amber and I on a piece of wood (so cool!), hand made cards, scarf/socks/pj pants, a ring, mustaches, funny glasses, a tanning package/lotions, puppy chow ( if you’ve never had it, ask Mal for some, hers is sooo yummy), wine, and a little Betty Crocker cook magazine.  I think there’s more that I missed.  It felt good to laugh really hard with everyone and let loose.  We had a berry and yogurt plate, chips,  taco dip (it’s very very popular in our girls group), pizza bread, banana bread, and french onion dip!

Mustache party…

We had it at my friend Sarah’s house.   This is her!

And of course ending the post with Bunny and her mustache!

xo, ally and bunny


I’m obsessed with lace plus I got a whole roll of this on sale at Pat Catans for $1 !  Chyeah! Puts extra cute on everything it touches.

This is what I made for my Grandma but it sucks it’s all crooked! I was annoyed with it in the beginning because I couldn’t think of anything for it. Hopefully I start making things other than hearts, jesus. Common brain! The only reason it looks remotely cool is because of instagram but I’m learning! So the shitty ones need to go up too. I did get a little sketch pocket book to help my thoughts flow and it’s really been a big help!

I went and saw my grandma today for her actual birthday and her ole’ time friends were there being silly and swearing. They talked about their girlfriends and what everyone was up to. The one that was there Connie is 80 something years old and goes to dances (she’s widowed) but was just talking about who dances with who like that was the big gossip. It was so cute, love old people.

Last but not least, Bunny May looking so cute I could eat her face off!@!!!

Bunny and I getting ready for Christmas being silly

I can’t wait to see Bunny jumping around in the snow! She’s the best snuggle bug in the world..

We’ve been watching TLC all day Say Yes To The Dress, and A Baby Story ( I don’t think it’s called that anymore but that’s pretty much what it is). I have been tearing up all day long! These people are so happy and have so much to look forward to. I can’t wait for my future : )

Right now I’m embroidering my Grandma a birthday gift that needs to be done in an hour I’ll send some pictures later on!! Happy birthday Grandma Pauline!