I’m obsessed with lace plus I got a whole roll of this on sale at Pat Catans for $1 !  Chyeah! Puts extra cute on everything it touches.

This is what I made for my Grandma but it sucks it’s all crooked! I was annoyed with it in the beginning because I couldn’t think of anything for it. Hopefully I start making things other than hearts, jesus. Common brain! The only reason it looks remotely cool is because of instagram but I’m learning! So the shitty ones need to go up too. I did get a little sketch pocket book to help my thoughts flow and it’s really been a big help!

I went and saw my grandma today for her actual birthday and her ole’ time friends were there being silly and swearing. They talked about their girlfriends and what everyone was up to. The one that was there Connie is 80 something years old and goes to dances (she’s widowed) but was just talking about who dances with who like that was the big gossip. It was so cute, love old people.

Last but not least, Bunny May looking so cute I could eat her face off!@!!!

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