~~best weekend/NEW JOB~~

Today has been such a good day because of all the beautiful things in my life plus warm sunshine.  Today I feel like I can do anything. I got a new job answering phones and doing office work for a pest control company with the most friendly people.  It came totally out of nowhere and so easily  I love it so much!  I have my own desk (I’m making a pencil cup tonight).  Can’t wait to put my mason jar picture of bunny and matthew on it.  It’s just what it needs to make it my own.  This job is perfect for me, I have everything that I want.  A boyfriend that loves me, a pup that is my right hand girl, a mother that is my queen bee, the most awesome roommates and house, and a job that I love.  I could just die.


On friday night we played indoor volleyball at this bar/indoor/outdoor gym.  There was at least 30 of us there just drinkin beers and playing sports!  We used to play every sunday but now there are leagues there.  I’ll take what I can get it’s such a great workout.

Woke up Saturday and worked brunch then met Matt and buddies at the Westside Market Cafe for lunch and bloody marys!  I love that place I forgot there was a bar inside.  That place has a lot of history I feel lucky to still have it with the environment around it.  After that Matt and I went to some antique stores to shop around for a vintage frame Matt was looking for!  I swear those antique shops are way cool.  I got so inspired from it!

I pretty much slept all night saturday then woke up and made breakfast with Matt and fed the buddies.  Then Matt passed out sunday so I ate some food, laid with bun, and crafted a little bit! (found some more lace for $1)!!


Went out to wing night for a celebration dinner for my new job!

Text from mom being super sweet about the new job

My first day training was today!  I still work at Lucky’s for two more weeks but every day after work will be going to the office to learn a little bit more.  It went perfect today plus it’s 65 degrees here in Cleveland in february which is unreal!!  Tonight I’m going to dinner with Mom and Mikey.  It shall be a hoot.  Right now I’m hanging out on my back porch with Bunny soakin up the sun

Beginning of the day:

End of day:

xo,ally and bunny

girl time

What a perfect weekend with a perfect ending. Went to the bar both nights and had a blast with no hang over! Then sunday was chill time with the baby. We ate at Big Egg it’s my most special and favorite time of the week. It’s the best meal after a night of drinking. Ham and cheese omelette, rye toast, and home fries. Matt gets his favorite and then we split a chocolate chip pancake. I get a smile just thinking about it.

On sunday the girlfriends went downtown to eat for Sarah’s birthday. French onion soup, tortilla soup, fried calamari, buffalo chicken salad, fish taco grr yum grrr was it great. I also drank a bloody mary at 8oclock at night. Thee best bloody mary perfect amount of spicy and thickness. Went back home to see my babes and passed out watching Beetlejuice. I remember walking upstairs and plopping down into bed and it was so warm, I was so comfy. Not to mention this afternoon that certain babe came into the cafe for some coffee! My heart jumps every time, I get so nervous! I enjoy it more than anything and can’t do anything but smile. I’m so lucky.

Now Sammie and I are having some hang time. Talking, smoking cigarettes, Pineapple Express, candy, and Bunny. So Fun! That sweet girl gave me my valentine: had a little notebook, candy cigarettes, candy, and a hand made card! I love it, crafting girlfriends are the best! YAY FOR US!



(look my beautiful roses opened up!)

shoes are off, xo

ally and bunny

holy smokes!

Second post today but that’s because that first post is so far from how I’m feeling right now I could explode into a million little hearts.    So you remember how crummy my day was 6 hours ago?  Not at all any more.  I was being mopey all day  and Matt said he had something for me to make me feel better.  I finally fell asleep with my window open even and I get a text that wakes me up like three minutes later and it was Matt saying that he left something in the front door.  So I jumped up cause I thought he was going to be down there I was ready to lose my marbles, opened the front door and there was a gift bag! but no Matt.  This cute little thing left me a present in between my doors to make me smile but it did a little more than that.  It was the most thoughtful thing a man has ever done to me cause when I opened it there was ….a martha stewart magazine (you already should know how i feel about her,love her guts), a pack of bic lighters (for the past couple days i’ve been an idiot never being able to find a lighter and now i have 5!), an anthropologie gift card ( no words, floored), and last but not least one of his beautiful cards that drive me nuts every time I read them.  I called him and was so shocked he did all of this nice stuff for me (he’s always a sweet heart ) just cause he was thinking about me not to mention everything he choose had a cute lil meaning,  thanking him telling him I loved him.  This is really embarrassing but when I got off the phone with him just in the nick of time, I started sobbing like a crazy person.  I was so overwhelmed with happiness I was literally crying so hard.  I needed to tell someone what just happened so I called my mom thinking I’d be able to explain it but the only thing I did was cry harder.  She thought something was wrong and by the time I finished my whole story she was like “so you’re crying like this cause you’re HAPPY?!”.  I guess I forgot to tell her everything was fine she said I gave her a heart attack.  The only thing I can compare this to is if you’ve ever seen the youtube video of Kristen Bell on Ellen getting a sloth for her birthday party by her boyfriend, her like anxiety level is so high she started balling her eyes out.  Well yeah, silly, but I couldn’t control it I’m actually glad Bunny was the only thing that had to witness it.


THEN to make my night even better, my mom just picked up my nephew Mikey while I was on the phone with her so we went out to dinner and laughed and talked.  I love time with those two.

Now I’m sitting at home with the Bunny about to watch the new Twilight movie together, yay!


ally and bunny

four more weeks

It’s sad looking outside making my heart sad as well.  I hate feeling weird on days like nothing can make me feel better.  Things are just weird.  I woke up this way.  I watched Amelie and I cried four times.  I never cry during that movie!  I missed Bunny a lot today while I was at work.  She makes me smile every time I think of her.  Except now we’re sitting at home and she looks sad too.  I’m too lazy to craft or go to the grocery store to get food.  I think Bunny and I are going to be bed ridden all night.  Oh well, four more weeks of winter.

nothing but love

Valentines Day was cute Bunny and I spent the night at Matt’s house.  I made chorizo hot peppers with marinara and provolone cheese.  I kept accidently touching my eyes and nose after I touched the hot peppers that left my face ON FIRE!  I’m not kidding I almost thought it wasn’t going to go away it stung so bad.  It was silly we laughed about it.  They are so easy to make and Matt and I love them.  Matt had a stinky day at work so the least I could do was bring some dinner and a movie all he had to do was shower and eat!  While I was making food he came downstairs with yellow roses (yellow’s my favorite color) and one of his awesome cards ( he writes the sweetest cards, they’re my favorite).  I made him a mix cd and embroidered him “nobody baby but you and me”.  It’s from a song we share special with each other.  I used the french knot on the project.  They are so addicting to make!  My next project will just be french knots everywhere falling out of clouds.  Anyways, after we ate we watched Rum Diaries and laughed a little.  We went to bed early stuffed and sleepy.  It was a great night with the perfect babe.   ALSO!  I have every bodies valentines cards that I made and did not pass out!  I’m so upset I totally forgot about them so as lame as it is, you’ll get them whenever I see ya.


ally and bunny

~~date night~~

I could not have asked for a more excellent perfect super awesome sunday. Matt and I did the whole valentines day thing today since things on Tuesday will be too busy! Instead we picked this wonderful snowy comfy sunday to eat everything in sight and laugh all day. We started off waking up super early and eating some breakfast on the couch! It’s very rare that we eat at home in the mornings on the weekend but when we do, it’s a fun time for Matt and I to talk about things and laugh. We ate some toast and cereal then went to my favorite place to get coffee! He gets this peanut butter latte called the “Syracuse” with house made peanut butter! This drink is so creamy and rich and delicious we love it. Then we did a little shopping around (sometimes we get a little crazy)spend some $$$. We went to the thrift store and found a ton of things! Matt bought a crummy receiver that didn’t end up working properly and you can’t even take it back, no returns but everything I got was awesome (see picture). After that, I went to my place to shower and get all done up because we were going to see The Artist at this cute place called Capitol Theater! We loved the movie, it was perfect and loving I’d see it again in a heart beat. We ate dinner at this mexican restaurant called Momocho. Upside down crosses everywhere, silly servers, bangin margaritas, guac/chips, special moments. Tonight was perfect. We have ended the night off with Sweet Moses, a soda fountain shop, home made chocolate and icecream! It’s our favorite dessert place. They make these carmel apples that I die over. That is all for today! I’m so pooped I didn’t even take a nap! I will now go into a food coma …here’s pictures first.

random pictures of bunny

this is the disgusting amount of hair that gets on me from bunny!! ehm, ew.

xo Start of our day xo

bunny in the morning ::melts::

thrift store finds! clear mason jar with handle, cute piggie jar, sweet sectional shelve frame, bling bling gold sea shell belt, mids combat boots, vintage fabric



ally and bunny

positive day

This morning I went to a doctors appointment with mom.  She’s always such a comfort when I’m scared to do something by myself.  She was supposed to come with me so I was going to pick her up but we were playing phone tag and couldn’t get ahold of each other.  I  ended up driving myself and minutes after I arrive she drove herself all the way there just to be with me.   She understands me.  The sun was out and beautiful and after a successful appointment we went to Starbucks for some coffee.  She had her first vanilla latte and liked it.  We talked for a couple hours about everything.  I showed her the life of bloggers and beautiful inspiring things that I like to look at for ideas.  We talked about how wonderful and special Matt is.  It’s only three o’clock and I feel like nothing could touch me.  I fed Bunny some doggy ice cream, now she’s passed out on my bed looking like a little potato.  I need to take a shower and run to the store.

Besides everything with my grandma, I went to Greg’s memorial service at Lucky’s on Sunday.  It was beautiful and fun and not depressing.  They played music, drank beers and coffee, plus the most amazing finger foods you can think of and it was all in the love of Greg.  We miss you and think of you every day Greg.  Later that night, Matt and I went to watch the super bowl at our friend John and Laurens house.  SO MUCH DIP/CHIPS/LAUGHS.  I’m always amazed at how hard the football players attack each other!  Matt thinks it’s cute.  It was laid back and just what I needed after all the mess of the weekend.

Here’s some random pictures of the last couple days.

Thee best picture of my nephew eating ice cream at my mom’s birthday dinner!

Super Bowl projector action

Cute donut from Shan