grateful it’s over for another year


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one- best friend gift exchange 2012, best times with my best girls

two-  family traditions are the best.  for my moms side of the family, every year since i was little we ate a piece of blessed bread,  put a dot of honey on our forehead, and ate a piece of garlic.  not exactly sure why or how it started but we’ve been doing it ever since i can remember.  amber and matt joined us this year, can’t think of better people to spend it with.

three- MY NEW RECORD PLAYER FROM MY LOVE, as well as a locket that is so sweet it makes me melt.

hope everyones holiday was beautiful and jolly! muah

tis the season

Happy holidays everyone!  Tis the season to be jolly, for real.  For the past couple days I’ve been oozing with holiday spirit and determined to get gift wrapping and all of my shopping done early this year.  It’s so much more fun when you don’t have to rush and speed shop last minute.  I can honestly say this year has been the first year I’ve been properly prepared.  Now the days before Christmas I can focus more on cooking and baking, maybe some practice rounds before I bring my family first time recipes.   

Here’s a little bit of my christmas wrapping MUST HAVE:



one-  gift boxes for jewelry or anything little!  they are the best to wrap or decorate

two- plain wrapping paper was my choice this year.  this gives you the option to make things simple and elegant or fun and cute 

three- SHARP SCISSORS.  get yourself a good pair of scissors that cuts through things with ease.  take your time cutting your wrapping paper so it cuts clean and evenly 

four-  decorative ribbon and string

five- tacky’s all purpose and glues anything and everything

six- decorative tape






and some holiday meatloaf:



christmas with my girls

Decorating my house for christmas is our favorite season to celebrate with crafts and creativity.  My best friend Sammie is always here to give a helpin’ hand and always makes for a goofy night.  In past years we did a lot of chain link madness everywhere but as I get older I realize less is more.  This year we didn’t go so crazy with the paper crafts but with organizing the room and opening the space up so the lights really pop!  Also by making  “semi-diy” is more cost effective and puts less stress on things not turning out right the first time.

This year I dressed up a plain wreath at low cost, bought plain garland to string lights to and made a handmade bow for around the front window, Sammie made paper snow flakes, and we put up the tree with a variety of light blue and silver ornaments.

Tip:  A good habit to get into is buying ONE special, maybe even over priced ornament to start slowly but surely a fantastic collection for the years to come.  This year I bought a set a three mushroom ornaments with a clip at the bottom to easily clip to the tree.  I decided to decorate my small silver tree with mushrooms, I love em.

EDIT:  I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tree topper so for now, it is bare.

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comfy at home



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one- took a road trip to ikea with mom.  it was such awesome girl time that we both really needed.  i redecorated my living room with the things that i bought (new floral floor rug, new faux sheepskin, and a new sectional shelf).  it was  successful shopping for the both of us and a fun car ride.

two- amber’s school had a holiday sale where students were selling art they made.  she had a lot of stationary type things , so talented!  then she showed us around her school and her studio.  it’s nice seeing where she spends so much of her time.  i’m truly proud of her.  after we shopped around a bit, we went out to a dinner in little italy and stuffed our faces with bread.  love the girls.

Just decorated the living room for christmas, post will be tomorrow!