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Snuggled up against Bun in the booth and ate breakfast by ourselves this morning.  We listened to records and I fed her some bacon.  She’s the sweetest little thing when she wants something!  It rained all day and like the rest of the weekend I have been laying on the couch and watching netflix all day.  Today my goal is to watch as much Mad Men as I can.  I needed this weekend.

I want to relax.

I want to take my man and my dog and go on a vacation somewhere beautiful.

Also here’s a piece of my kitchen, not the whole thing it’s not finished.

How to


How do you stay positive when so many things are negative? How do you do what’s right? How do you maintain your morals but still send a message. My life seems to be a little rough at the moment. Eye for an eye. You deserve what you do to others. I’m confused and overwhelmed but confirming more and more with myself that I am a good person with a kind heart. Feeling mentally drained.

On a lighter note, today is my baby Bunny’s 3rd birthday. Talk about something being cute, fuzzy, cuddly, and perfect. Her breath may smell like stinky fish, and it makes me mad when she jumps and scratches me at the door, but she is my best friend. The only mammal that will lay with me for hours on end when I’m happy and sad. Forever my girl, my bud.