throw back

I was listening to one of my favorite bands from high school and also a foreva favorite, The Thermals the other day.  They take me back to such a nostalgic and beautiful time in my life.  Now don’t get me wrong, high school in it’s self was hell x’s a million and there was nothing I wanted more than to drop out.  But something absolutely amazing happened to me by meeting friends who knew friends that were older and more cultured than I was.  Being introduced to new music, skateboarding, and nature that I had never seen before was insane.  I remember going to art shows and premieres just thinking to myself, “holy shit, this is so cool I can’t believe I get to be a part of this.”  Some people if they’re lucky only get to get a glimpse of the amount of fun that we all had for years on end.  I owe almost everything that I know to my friends.  Thanks for loving me and hanging out with me.

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Cleveland is cold and cloudy right now and it makes me feel like doing nothing forever.

IMG_5795 photo-28

In a few short months Sarah and Eric’s baby will be born so that means time to gear up for a baby shower celebration! She has such a beautiful invite with amazing colors so I thought I would throw together a little something possibly to use as a topper for one of the tables.  Yes I’m a creep and have their wedding picture framed previously to this because it just makes me so happy!!!!

IMG_5865 IMG_5861 IMG_5877