christmas prep

This is hands down my favorite time of year.  I learned a few years ago the best thing you can do for yourself is start your shopping early.  It’s almost a week till christmas and I’m all finished!  I set the tree up with the girls and decorated the house.  I’ve wrapped all my presents and made grocery lists for all of the events.  It feels the most important thing for me is for the people I love to know that I appreciate them and that they are special to me.  I bring the same things every year because that’s what the family eats and loves it (bacon wrapped chestnut appetizer and banana chocolate chip walnut bread for dessert).  This year I’m going to make a meatloaf as well.  Eventually I’ll be more comfortable with trying different things.  One year I hope to host the dinner for my family and really put my homemaker skills to the test.  I love having people over and entertaining them.  When someone comes to our home, what’s mine is yours and I really feel that way.

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One of the more amazing things happened to me thursday when I got home from work.  4 older people had their car parked in front of my house  and they were outside looking around.  They started talking to me saying that they grew up in this neighborhood on this street and when they’re in the neighborhood they like to drive by the house.  We talked a little back and forth then the 1 woman told me that she grew up in ::points to our house::.  I was like”omg do you want to come in” and she said “yes if you don’t mind!  I feel like I’m going to cry!”.   We let the people in and she pointed out all the walls that weren’t there and how different but similar it was.  She said she grew up in this house in the 20’s.  I asked where they live now and they live in Avon Lake (the city I work in) and my company has actually done work for them!  Such a small, silly world.  I wish I would have taken a picture of her in front of the house but I didn’t think about it till after they left.  It was a such a good feeling to make someone’s day just by inviting them into our home.

Speaking of our home, the living room is half done but the painting is completed!  Soon it will be posted for all to see.





Enjoy your day everybody.

christmas with my girls

Decorating my house for christmas is our favorite season to celebrate with crafts and creativity.  My best friend Sammie is always here to give a helpin’ hand and always makes for a goofy night.  In past years we did a lot of chain link madness everywhere but as I get older I realize less is more.  This year we didn’t go so crazy with the paper crafts but with organizing the room and opening the space up so the lights really pop!  Also by making  “semi-diy” is more cost effective and puts less stress on things not turning out right the first time.

This year I dressed up a plain wreath at low cost, bought plain garland to string lights to and made a handmade bow for around the front window, Sammie made paper snow flakes, and we put up the tree with a variety of light blue and silver ornaments.

Tip:  A good habit to get into is buying ONE special, maybe even over priced ornament to start slowly but surely a fantastic collection for the years to come.  This year I bought a set a three mushroom ornaments with a clip at the bottom to easily clip to the tree.  I decided to decorate my small silver tree with mushrooms, I love em.

EDIT:  I’m still on the hunt for the perfect tree topper so for now, it is bare.

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comfy at home



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one- took a road trip to ikea with mom.  it was such awesome girl time that we both really needed.  i redecorated my living room with the things that i bought (new floral floor rug, new faux sheepskin, and a new sectional shelf).  it was  successful shopping for the both of us and a fun car ride.

two- amber’s school had a holiday sale where students were selling art they made.  she had a lot of stationary type things , so talented!  then she showed us around her school and her studio.  it’s nice seeing where she spends so much of her time.  i’m truly proud of her.  after we shopped around a bit, we went out to a dinner in little italy and stuffed our faces with bread.  love the girls.

Just decorated the living room for christmas, post will be tomorrow!

hard to be motivated right now

Yesterday I made some dinner with the girls and got 99 cent flowers that I split up into jars.  It’s a cute way to cut those potted plants in half and dress them up a bit.

I also wrote this big long entry about dogs and companionship but that seems to have been erased the last 5 minutes…wordpress is really getting on my nerves.

Putting up Christmas decorations in a week! yay