holy cute…

Basically this is  what my Sunday was like, and my whole weekend.  I’ve been in a really chill/stay in bed/couch mood.  I don’t know what’s wrong, it makes me feel boring when everyone else around me is being so fun.  Working on the weekend is a huge part of this.  F dat.

Today I made something neat for my girlfriend lots of pictures after we exchange!  I’m so happy  with where this is going.  Embroidery is THEE coolest thing ever.  I have so many ideas!  I still have a bunch of things to make before next weekend so thank god for lazy day sunday and Matt taking a nap so I can concentrate easier.  Him and Bunny, together, I get n o t h i n g done.  Too much cute.

I love it when Bunny looks like a Koala Bear when she’s sleeping.  She’s been looking like one all day rawr rawr rawr


xoxo ally & bunny

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