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1. matthew’s birthday/dinner/opening night at Nano Brew

2. “roar on the shore” bands/booze/boat/cleveland

3. catie’s birthday at le petite/beverages/cheese plate/omelette/yum

4. flats in cleveland/anthony’s loft/romeo the pup aka cookie n crame

5. “zero zest” ice cream/ parma/ohio

6. barbie outfit/nothing black/new platforms (finally!!!)/bunny may/flowers from babe

martha stewart and couch

My aunt Donna is visiting from Alabama (can’t wait to go on vacation in october) to help and keep mom company while I’m at work and to have some sister time.  I love when my mom laughs or tells a sarcastic joke back and forth to each other.  Puts me in a relaxed/thankful mood to have what I have.  Plus, seriously, coming home to Bunny’s sweet mug is beyond rewarding.

Speaking of vacation, matthew and i are going to Toronto with pals to see Thee oh Sees/Ty segall.  It will be my first time in Canada, pretty positive i’m going to love it and never want to leave.  I GOT MY PASSPORT.  Excited first timer and i never get mail let alone something this cool.  Time flies and i need to save up money big time.

rewarding weekend

Putting a line through items of TO-DO lists is the best thing ever.  My busiest week/weekend is now over and moving on to a fresh new week.  Mom is almost through her first week in recovery from surgery, buddy art show was awesome, and I’ve gotten a lot of cleaning done in both mine and my moms house.  All of the rushing was well worth the end result.  Such cute jewelry, photos, paintings, and recycled record art.  Way awesome, was glad to be a part of it.

Went to grandma Pauline’s house and went through what was left at her house.  Found some fun things like an awesome wicker chest filled with afghans, her mini hand held dictionary, a tea cup set, plates, old banners, and little ice cream cups (she used to make cherry jello with banana chunks inside).  Just some neat things that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Got these VHS tapes today! Can’t beat it.

Dan and Michelle are proud new owners of Mitch face! Thanks guys!

keep on keepin on

Getting through this week.  Ugh.  Mom just had her surgery and is currently in the recovery room.  There was wifi there but apparently they’re having some issues with it so I’ve bought my 2 xtra large coffee of the day so I can sit at Panera and use theirs. I want to make this short and sweet cause soon I will be able to go in and see that sweet girl.  Doctor said everything went wonderful but there’s so much work and up keep to be done at her house once she gets home.  I’m just glad everything went how it was supposed to.  I have a lot of time to do my sewing in the waiting room.  It’s funny it looks like I’ve moved in there.  With that being said I finally finished my “Mitch” piece.  It took me F O R E V E R to do but holy crud I’m happy with it.  The picture was actually drawn by someone else but everyone can use it! It’s so awesome, I was happy to embroider it.  Like I said before the money I make from the show goes to Mitch and his dad Hank.  I’m stoked!

Last but not least my little baby niece Jade and I hugged finally in person.  She has big feet, long fingers, and sounds like Bunny when she’s sleeping!  I can’t wait to be around her and to do girly things together.

Ok it’s time to see her finally so here’s some pictures then I’m out!

We won our double header!  So many amazing, awesome people there.

My little chunker!

ups and downs

Honestly since my last update, life has been pretty crazy, ups and downs ups and downs.  On one hand, we were so lucky to have little baby Jade finally born into our lives heathy as a button.  On the other, we lost a dear friend that made everyone’s heart smile every time we saw him.  I don’t want to write to much about it because it’s not my place to vent on here but I can say that if you friggin knew him, he loved you.  We love you always Mitch.

Mom is getting hip replacement surgery in a week and a half.  I’m freaking out.  Not only nervous but there’s so much to get ready for.  4 days after, I’m in an Buddy Art Show.  Everything gets donated to Mitch and his dad that is my main motivation.  So much, too much to do.

This poor blog has been suffering but I love it still, I hope you do too.  Thanks for pals who keep this link somewhere on their computer to read when they’re bored.  It means a lot and makes me love you!  Anyway, here’s some pictures, not super recent but they will do.

new suitcase , new shoes

my favorite things/places

“ice cream paint job” for sale at Buddy Art Show

music festivals/cleveland/best pals