making things

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Making stuff is fun. I like what I like and can’t help it, even if it is upside down crosses and girl power gone wild. I don’t care. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working my behind off to get done. I’m selling them in a gallery/coffee shop that my friends started Canopy Collective. Amber and I are sharing a studio spot also inside the shop and I know nothing but big things are in store for us.  To be back in the same place as Amber is something that is going to be really good for me.  Man, she makes me laugh. I love her.

More soon

love, a+b

be my little baby

Sarah’s baby shower could not have been more perfect. I love love love love love love love her family/my best friends/and my mom. Mimosas were flowin and the buffet was so absolutely delicious. Time flew by so I hardly took any pictures (I knew that was going to happen).  Right when we got done setting up everyone started coming so the timing was perfect.  3 more weeks and we get to meet her.  Brothers and sisters having kids is so amazing and being an aunt by blood is so freakin special but there’s nothing like one of your best friends going through the biggest miracle ever. Someone who you were on the same level with for so long, going through the same struggles and heart ache at the same times in our lives, and now she’s having a freakin baby. I’m blessed to have yet another niece, for reals.

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Also a few from my girlfriend Shannon’s phone ..

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I’m good, Matts good, Bunny’s good. It’s all pretty good right now.