keepin’ clean

The first year I had Bunny, I had a lot to learn as far as keeping her clean and making it a routine so she didn’t get any infections.  Multiple vet visits later, I realized the bully breed does need special care.   She was new to me and everything in my eyes was the biggest deal, ha.  I learned to deal and maintain by cleaning her and keeping her skin protected.  Here’s a couple of must have’s for my frenchie.

1.  wet wipes- A MUST.  constantly having to wipe her wrinkles on her face so dirt doesn’t build up and well as her b e h i n d.  she was getting a lot of skin irritation so I always make sure she’s all wiped up and clean especially when she rolls in goose poop.  I don’t take her to softball without em!

2.vaseline – her poor little nose get’s so dry and crusty.  this is literally a magical fix and after 2 days of putting it on she’s good as new.

3.  HER BONE- what would we do without it? probably sleep more but she loves the dang thing.  sometimes it scares me how hard she chews it and i swear she’s not going to have any teeth by the time she’s 3.  although she does need her teeth cleaned because she has stinky breath, this keeps some crud off.

4.  nail clippers – bunny scratches me bloody when i walk in the door whether it’s for 5 minutes or 7 hours.  i’ve tried to train her (probably not in the right way) but she can’t seem to break the habit.  first it was cute, now it just hurts.  nonetheless keeping her nails trimmed saves us all.

I had to learn a lot having a french bull dog for the first time, let alone it being my first solo dog.  Other than making sure she’s clean and happy her other biggest hurdle is being in the heat.  It really is hard to keep her super active in the summer or can’t take her to the park cause it’s too hot for her to walk.

I really did end up with a good girl.  Doesn’t chew or go potty in the house.  I’d say her biggest weakness is other leashed dogs when she’s walking.  She’s developed this weird aggression at first until i let her get close then she wants to play but a lot of dogs aren’t always down with her dominance.   But I mean, look at her…

hard to be motivated right now

Yesterday I made some dinner with the girls and got 99 cent flowers that I split up into jars.  It’s a cute way to cut those potted plants in half and dress them up a bit.

I also wrote this big long entry about dogs and companionship but that seems to have been erased the last 5 minutes…wordpress is really getting on my nerves.

Putting up Christmas decorations in a week! yay





1.  Waking up on thanksgiving morning with babe and bunny and making breakfast while listening to sam cooke, doesn’t get better than that.   After we ate we made food we were taking to my moms house ( banana nut bread, broccoli casserole, matt’s home-made baked beans, chocolate covered strawberries, and my favorite salad).  We listened to pandora and had an awesome morning.  Couldn’t ask for a more sweet babe to spend my time with.

2.  Went to mom’s house to spend some family time for thanksgiving!  She painted and redecorated her living room that I’m in love with.  Her style is impeccable and I get a lot of my inspiration and ideas from her.   It’s so nice to have my immediate family in one place and to laugh and love even though we don’t see each other enough.  I got to hold baby Jade who was being so well behaved and smiling from ear to ear.

feeling like a big loser

Quick update, feelin like a big loser because this blog is suffering

Bunny’s doing great.  Took her to a check up and has a slight ear infection but everything else looks great.  She’s my best friend, don’t know what I would do without her.  She needs her teeth cleaned her breath is horrendous but the vet told me I would need to knock her out  then they put a tube down her throat! Ah, I’m not sure if I’m ok with that at all.  I’m thinking about going back to the vet who fixed her because they specialize in french bulldogs.

Thanksgiving is already tomorrow, I swear I don’t know where the time goes.  The only thing I do know is I will be making and consuming a ton of food.  Can’t wait to see mom and my niece and nephew and all the dogs together.  For the second half of eating we are going to go to Matt’s aunts house, always a good time.  To end the night there’s an awesome show at a small bar, Pat’s in the Flats in Cleveland.

Just to make it not a text only, here’s some of Bun, my new favorite watch/moms bracelet, and my favorite salad that not only do I eat every day but will be making for my mom’s dinner tomorrow whether they like it or not!..cause I do.