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Today my girlfriend Erin had a clothing swap.  Took a small bag to it and brought back pretty much the same amount so I’m feeling pretty great.  I found a few bracelets, 4 pairs of shorts, 2 tops, a bathing suit, and the cutest red skirt.  I didn’t get many pictures of the piles of clothes that we were sifting through or even a fraction of the beautiful ladies that attended.  I was too busy eating a ton of cheese and trying a million things on.  All in all, a sweet, FREE time.  I’ve been having such horrible luck finding shorts this summer and literally having the perfect pairs fall in my lap is so awesome!  If you have not been to one before, I suggest ya do!  Hunt/Gather Jewelry and MidWest Manufacturing Company made an appearance and had their showcases up looking fabulous.

IMG_3677_zps04eae076 IMG_3651_zps20540d8e IMG_3635_zps18206a48

blurry erin

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