easter eggs

Bunny, Matt, and I dyed easter eggs last night.  It was the first of many things I wanted to do for this easter.  My mom is going on a road trip to Alabama with my uncle, I’m sad I won’t get to see her.  She’ll be gone for like a whole week too.  I’m going to watch my mom’s two dogs Moe and Mindy for half the time she’s gone.  We’re just going to have to eat candy without her.  It’s going to be a ton of work considering I do back and forth back and forth every day.   I also want to make something crazy for easter dinner.  I’m not exactly sure who I’m cooking for or where I’m going or maybe I’ll just stay home.  Missing mom already.

We went to a horror movie convention this past weekend and honestly I had a blast!  So much to look at.  I didn’t get enough pictures but it was held at the Holiday Inn so we got a hotel and partied and got crazy.  It was the first night I left Bunny and didn’t come home to sleep with her.  I had terrible anxiety all night I missed her so much but she’s still alive.  All made possible because Pulliam went to the house and took care of Bunny for a little and came to the hotel after!  What a pal!  

Made my first hard boiled egg for my easter eggs and they came out perfect!!! Holy yum I could eat a million of them!  Matt and I tried to get creative with tape and different things mixed in with the dye.  It was something fun that Matt and I could do together.  Reminds me of the time we did paper mache mushroom projects.   Matt’s good at everything and made the best mushroom.  Ever.

Matt made me an egg drying rack out of a twelve pack box

Tomorrow’s  opening day for Cleveland Indians baseball and I think literally a group of 60 of us are called off work and going together!  It’s been over a year that Matthew and I have been luv’n on each other!  Opening day last year was magical, this year it’s going to be nuts.  I have a lot to prepare before tomorrow…

Love, ally and bunny