weight lifted off my shoulders

Sometimes things just work themselves out.  I was so worried about Bunny having to be put to sleep I freaked out and didn’t explore my options.  We went for a consultation at the vet that Bunny was spayed at Dr.Hunt.  She said ” oh, it looks like we can nip that thing right off and put some staples in it.”  Right then she swooped up Bunny and took her in the back and 5 minutes later she was back with a bandaid on.  I feel so at ease and the vet really was the sweetest.  We just have to go back in 10 days to get the staples removed and they are going to do a biopsy on the bump.  We’ll see I’m happy for now though



I wrote this long post about me being happy, bored, uninterested, nervous, etc and it didn’t save at all so now I’m stuck with this.  Now feeling annoyed and not thinking this post is too special.  I wrote about how Bunny has a bump on her and needs to be put to sleep in order to have it removed, a fairly routine procedure, and how I was crying and overreacting and sad for like 3 days about it.   I can’t help being an emotional woman who loves her dog, sheesh!  To wrap up the previous post I took Bunny for a walk today because it’s 60 degrees in January, I can’t eat anything in my fridge because the door was left open and everything is room temp, I’m going to dinner with Matt who’s going on a snowboarding trip this weekend, and I’m cranky and hungry now.



next steps

This weekend I went to one of my best girlfriends Megan’s surprise graduation party.  Couldn’t be more proud of her and Cindy (also bff graduate) for stickin’ with it and making it through till the end!  This post is for them and their big brains!

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meet her

I’m sure you readers have seen my new layout, which I love!  The collage art is brought to you by my best friend, room mate, and one of the most creative people I know Amber Esner.  She makes this crazy adorable collage mail that when she’s not in school, she works on it day and night.  Her mail is something she genuinely enjoys doing.  All it takes to receive one is go to her website here.  Soon I’m going to do a post of her inspiring work space where she spends hours doing what she loves.  Here are some samples of her mail~~


tumblr_ma48d8qlQR1rq1z5co1_1280 tumblr_m8pw7zmKzv1rq1z5co1_1280 tumblr_mfyuog7DYl1rq1z5co1_1280


feeling alright

I’ve been getting super nice and awesome feedback about this here blog.   I’ve been blogging for a solid year now, at times not always dedicating my time to it like I should but I have been trying to learn and grow.   There are so many things that I’ve learned about myself and my aspirations as a I get older.  The truth is I’m only 22.  Where will I be when I’m in my 30’s?   I could paint a picture in my head but you readers will just have to wait and see!

ally on computer blog

my locket and watch i hold dear to my heart

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