proud mama

My baby girl Amber’s awesome end of year project was showcased.  The books she made ruled!  I wish everyone could have gone and flipped through her drawings and books.  It’s truly amazing.  Plus all of my main ladies made an appearance!

Also, I’m getting very anxious about moving and I’m laying in my bed right now wishing I didn’t have to get up and go to work.  I want to lay here all day until I’m ready. I have a lot to do in the next couple days.  It’s ok though because this is what I’ve waited and worked for.  The house is very adorable with a small porch and fenced in back yard.  I can’t wait to show you every inch of it.

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black and white

Congratulations to Dave and Angie for getting married on Saturday! It was beautiful.  There are so many things that I didn’t capture about this wedding- the dancing, the laughing, the crying, the hugging, the food, the buddies.  But it really was a blast.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

IMG_3342_zps22623a39 IMG_3377_zps360796ce IMG_3294_zps3b42a60a IMG_3320_zpsdaa79c6cIMG_3299_zps24978375 IMG_3301_zps8573532b IMG_3305_zpsf54882c4 IMG_3311_zps820b53bc IMG_3347_zps55598072 IMG_3362_zps80dd6564 IMG_3367_zps2f99d8ec IMG_3374_zpsff79b787 IMG_3378_zps233e1795 IMG_3387_zps41d92517 IMG_3388_zps12d9c19d

ALSO, Matt and I have found a place to live and we move in ONE WEEK.  Less than actually.  YAY!  More info for you soon.  Here is us after we signed the lease haha


Some days



Some times when some days are harder than the rest, the smallest things,  foods, people, ..ehemm(alcohol), can make the worst the best.  Literally the smallest things.

Also, shout out too my mama, I love you.

In Bloom

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Finally the flowers are blooming and my mood is improving.

one-  Book club meeting at the winery down the street from work.  Drank so much wine.  Cute place.  Lots of cheese!

two- Amber is finally graduating CIA!  Always proud of you.   She’s giving her final presentation tomorrow and will KILL IT.  Don’t doubt it one bit.  Love you. (photo’s taken by the ham herself)