baseball madness

This may be my new favorite picture.

Matt and I went to an Indians game yesterday!  Our friends dad was throwing in the first pitch so Matt bought us awesome tickets and we got to meet up with every body.  Peanuts, beer, lovers, buddies, laughing… broke! So worth it.   I’d like to go to more actually.  God, those peanuts were so good.

Matt caught me a Cleveland shirt!! He actually caught two but gave an old couple the second one, so precious.  They shook hands at the end of the game.  I have such a gentleman, wouldn’t trade him for the world.

falling behind

1.Amber drew our roommates…so good.

2.Me trying to paint a mothers day card and failing.

3.Played volleyball at the beach, drinks, friends, Edison’s pizza, Scoops icecream.  All local, all yummy.

4.My new favorite lunch break spot by the beach.

5.Baseball after work! Peanut butter and jelly sandwich snacks.

6.Went to asian fest downtown cleveland and bought this handmade for $1.  Worth it!

my little treasures

I absolutely love collecting things.  I’d say 90% of the things I own are little trinkets and useless things.  I decided to take pictures of my favorite objects that I have.  Most of them have a meaning to them or I got it from family which makes it way more cool.  Also these pictures are too tiny but if you click on them they enlarge! Hmph.

This I got from an antique store with my mom when I was like seven.  I remember we went there after church with some hot chocolate.  Mom always let me get something little along with whatever awesome thing she was getting.  It was this stuffy little shop  in Tremont.  Now it’s a yoga place…sad.  I used to think Tremont was so magical and old school when I was little.  Any how it’s a wooden purse that I’ve had for the longest time.  Baby Ally had some good taste.  I’m glad I’ve held on to it.


These spice jars are so awesome.  I got them from an antique store a couple years ago.  I love the print on them!

This perfect little seashell jewelry holder is one of the coolest things.  I’m going to have it till I’m a million years old.  I got it from my third cousin Phyllis.  She passed away and this is one of the things I got from her.  I’ve had it for at least ten years.  It sits on my night stand holdin’ my jewels. Bill Murray pillow.  I got it at an art show and I was a little drunk but I’m glad I got it!  The colors fit my room perfect.  And it’s a freakin Bill Murray pillow…

These are paper mache mushrooms that Matt and I made together.  It’s been one of my favorite times with him, too sweet to explain  it.  The baby blue gnome bank is pretty cool.  It took a spill a couple years ago and has been glued to no end but he keeps it together pretty well…and a handmade gnome candle : )

My handmade cotton ball clouds that are hung in my room.  They make me feel better every time I look at them and they’re way too easy to make for everyone not to have.

This is by far the coolest thing I own.  It was my Grandma Pauline’s and it sat on her front porch I remember thinking how absolutely crazy it was.  She always said “when I die you can have it”.  I actually got it when she was moved into a nursing home, she really wanted me to have it and I took it right away.  We lost grandma in February but ever since I’ve had it, it made me think of her and how stylish it was of her to have it in the first place.  When we would play beauty school when I was little she used to tell me how patient she thought I was and how she knew I would be good at helping people.  It would help to hear that now that I’m the least patient human being on this planet.  Maybe 5 year old Ally was more of an angel.  That story just makes me feel warm and innocent again.  I miss her.  This chair is almost as sweet as my grandma was.

My vintage trash can.  I’ve thrown up in it a bunch.

My teal bunny cage Mom got me! Such a good color

Ok, best lamp ever.  I got this lamp shade on super sale at Anthropologie and found the perfect color/shape of a stand for it at the thrift store for $4!!! It was a steal.

These were made for just me for my 16 th birthday from my dear friend Mike Wohl.  He passed away at the beginning of last year.  These one of a kind mini sculptures remind me of Wohl and being a wild under rager and nothing but good times!  That boy was crazy talented.

Lastly, the famous tree that Mom let me have.  It’s my favorite thing to decorate although I need to change it from valentines day!  I like hearts too much though!  It’s the best center piece!

Ok, so those are my favorite things!  I hope you liked it! Today I found my new favorite spot to eat lunch down by the beach while I’m on break.  Tomorrow, I will have a picnic to show you!

stinky day

I was home sick today from work, basically slept and watched tv hardly moving.  I hate being home from work it always makes me feel weird all day.  I woke up and my head ache has gone away but my throat is still very sore.  Grrr not feeling right is the worst.  The only awesome thing about today was laying with Bunny all day just laying next to me and sleepin.  She’s my best friend, always making me feel better.  Also I finally started to fill in my new recipe book so I can have all of my recipes in one place.  I’d like to have a ton of my own recipes that I can have as my own.  It’s so tuff though!  Anyways…