precious moments.

Home again snuggled up in bed watching netflix with bunny.  I really like tonight.  Everything’s been fun and go go go lately.  I’m tired and plan on  going to sleep three hours early tonight.  I can never get enough sleep, ever.  Work sleep work sleep work sleep.  Really all there is to say.

take time

The weather has been beautiful in Cleveland and I’ve been too busy not being home and laying in bed with my bunny watching sex and the city with my windows open and a candles lit.  Let’s just say it’s been too long and I miss my bed and fufu.  Sometimes I run these two separate lives.  My goal is to find somewhere in the middle that I’m comfortable no matter what.   I used to be totally comfortable staying home all week and on the weekends and now it doesn’t come as easily.  I miss people and things that used to be really important to me.  I just started that new job that I actually love a lot right  now.  I think it’s perfect for me but running in between matts house and my house and trying to have a bunny and trying to kind of take care of myself, and trying to take care of my rabbit fufu, and driving so much going back and forth, I might just freak out.  I know living where I do isn’t working with what I have goin on.  I don’t really know what I’m going to do.

Which brings me to why I haven’t updated my blog in so long, if there is really anyone out there that checks up on bunny and I, or thinks of crafting as much as I do, I’m sowwy I’m lazy and unmotivated.  You can tell when I’m in it and not in it.  I’m seeing mom on thursday at least I have that to look forward to.  Not to mention bunny is seriously the best dog ever.  She gets me.