i’m flossy

Picking out and matching embroidery floss is probably my favorite thing to do.  I love every shade of one color.  Today I crafted but I can’t show you cause it’s for my best friends christmas gift exchange and I’m sure they will read this…..errrr, they might….THEY BETTER.

Today I feel grateful.  For everything.  Thank you Matthew for making me smile everyday.  Thank you for dealing with me when I’m an angry betch.  Thanks for being the most perfect human ever made.

Thank you coffee.  Thank you Bunny.  Thank you crafts.  Thank you Apple for making me not pay attention to anything or get anything done.


Craft talk:  If you are my facebook friend you have already seen this pictures, I shall be getting a normal camera soon.  This is my first embroidery project that I did for Matthew.  He’s so stinkin’ supportive all the time it makes me want to make him something new everyday.


This one was for him too but he ended up seeing it and I wanted to make something cooler.  Aw look at Bun in the corner, so cute.

Ok I promise that’s all for today!

❤ ally


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