girlfriend gift exchange..

All girls gift exchange was super fun.  We laughed a lot, Bunny and Sarah’s dog Penny played the whole time!  You should have seen all the presents!!!!  I got a mushroom kitchen towel, a hand made ceramic cupcake, a photo-transfer of Amber and I on a piece of wood (so cool!), hand made cards, scarf/socks/pj pants, a ring, mustaches, funny glasses, a tanning package/lotions, puppy chow ( if you’ve never had it, ask Mal for some, hers is sooo yummy), wine, and a little Betty Crocker cook magazine.  I think there’s more that I missed.  It felt good to laugh really hard with everyone and let loose.  We had a berry and yogurt plate, chips,  taco dip (it’s very very popular in our girls group), pizza bread, banana bread, and french onion dip!

Mustache party…

We had it at my friend Sarah’s house.   This is her!

And of course ending the post with Bunny and her mustache!

xo, ally and bunny

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