I’m in love with everything going on in my life right now.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted more often but what else is new.  I’ve been eating a lot, sleeping a lot, laughing a lot, being SICK a lot but all in all I’m such a happy girl.  I hope every one has had an awesome holiday season.  I’ve been cooking more and hopefully baking way more with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer !!!  I want to bake as much as I can and fill my lovers belly till he can’t eat any more.  I also will be sewing more.  I gave my “in” for a buddy art show that I need to do.  When the previous shows were going on, I was stoked to see everyone’s work but was craving to have my spot on the wall.  We’ll see how my brainstorming comes along which seems to be the toughest part for myself.  

In. Love. With. Everything.

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