One of the more amazing things happened to me thursday when I got home from work.  4 older people had their car parked in front of my house  and they were outside looking around.  They started talking to me saying that they grew up in this neighborhood on this street and when they’re in the neighborhood they like to drive by the house.  We talked a little back and forth then the 1 woman told me that she grew up in ::points to our house::.  I was like”omg do you want to come in” and she said “yes if you don’t mind!  I feel like I’m going to cry!”.   We let the people in and she pointed out all the walls that weren’t there and how different but similar it was.  She said she grew up in this house in the 20’s.  I asked where they live now and they live in Avon Lake (the city I work in) and my company has actually done work for them!  Such a small, silly world.  I wish I would have taken a picture of her in front of the house but I didn’t think about it till after they left.  It was a such a good feeling to make someone’s day just by inviting them into our home.

Speaking of our home, the living room is half done but the painting is completed!  Soon it will be posted for all to see.





Enjoy your day everybody.

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