beautiful things

1.IMG_2687_zpsd19a9e85 IMG_2690_zps06d9e459 cffd1c14-eb21-4a6e-b2f6-ca053ead5f32_zps24d39f41 IMG_2696_zps6bdb1d94


tumblr_mi8i05JuxR1qagdldo1_1280 IMG_2723_zps16b4d84e picstitch-5_zpse0f3936d

one- making valentines mix cds for my love and my mom, coffee, sausage egg english muffin,  my bunny baby

two- amber and two of her other friends hosted, planned, and organized an art show through her art school.  always so proud of her.  always color coordinating

also not pictured, i have the honor of being a bridesmaid in my girlfriend Lauren and Johns wedding!  she asked me last night and i started crying i was so happy.  i’ve never been asked to be in a wedding.  i’m excited to help with anything she needs, hmmm i can document thissssss, whoo!!!

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