good eats in cleveland not cle

Things have been very chill and beautiful on this end.  Bunny’s bump was benign SUCH A RELIEF.  Matt and I invested in a new tv and he let me watch Sex and the City for hours before I went into work, one of the reasons I love him.  We’re comin’ up on two years and it feels perfect.  I’ve been lazy and watching tv all night but I did get some delicious lunch with my bebe Sammie at BonBon and left with a full tum and some insanely soft and fresh chocolate croissants.  (run on sentences, so what) It was a last minute decision and the best one.  The food was absolutely yummers.  Sammie ordered a latte and the barista didn’t know us at all but made this accidental french bulldog latte art?  My mind was  blown.

picstitch-4_zps75bbede7 21e6a1d9-f7d2-4236-a65c-33834abd21fe_zpscefb61d4 IMG_2676_zps6629e87c IMG_2678_zpsfe6a3c0e IMG_2679_zps41b9e8e0 7e13ecea-09c4-4002-b930-ce781bf2ef06_zpsb4cd51be

Not kidding when I say this was the best part of my day.  Also I just ate one of the croissants and will be tomorrow morning too..hmph.

sweet dreams friends

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