weight lifted off my shoulders

Sometimes things just work themselves out.  I was so worried about Bunny having to be put to sleep I freaked out and didn’t explore my options.  We went for a consultation at the vet that Bunny was spayed at Dr.Hunt.  She said ” oh, it looks like we can nip that thing right off and put some staples in it.”  Right then she swooped up Bunny and took her in the back and 5 minutes later she was back with a bandaid on.  I feel so at ease and the vet really was the sweetest.  We just have to go back in 10 days to get the staples removed and they are going to do a biopsy on the bump.  We’ll see I’m happy for now though


One thought on “weight lifted off my shoulders

  1. I wish they could do that with my dogs! Both Norm and Bandit have to be put under to have their mouths fixed, and masses removed to be tested… I’m freaking out!

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