new finds

background picture taken by: Ryan Poorman

IMG_2438 IMG_2433 IMG_2462 IMG_2453

Not sure if there’s anything more fun right now than record shopping.

On the hunt for:

Joni Mitchell- Blue

Of Montreal- Satanic Panic in the Attic

Etta James- Best of

Feist- Let it Die

Joanna Newsom- The Milk-Eyed Mender

The Ronettes- Best of

Shit Box Jimmy!

Right now I’m all about getting inspiration for the next place I live in.  I want it to be a clean slate and how I want it to look. I have so many ideas in hopefully a long term spot.  Why not gather all of my thoughts now?  I will share these with you soon enough.

COMING SOON: Home Improvements/Design/Inspiration/Buddy Living

There are so many people I know with the most beautiful homes, rooms, ideas and would love to document them.  I have a few people lined up~!  If you’re interested and have an awesome space you’d like to show you can email me at

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