grateful it’s over for another year


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IMG_2396 IMG_2335 IMG_2340 IMG_2343 IMG_2341 IMG_2401 IMG_2402



one- best friend gift exchange 2012, best times with my best girls

two-  family traditions are the best.  for my moms side of the family, every year since i was little we ate a piece of blessed bread,  put a dot of honey on our forehead, and ate a piece of garlic.  not exactly sure why or how it started but we’ve been doing it ever since i can remember.  amber and matt joined us this year, can’t think of better people to spend it with.

three- MY NEW RECORD PLAYER FROM MY LOVE, as well as a locket that is so sweet it makes me melt.

hope everyones holiday was beautiful and jolly! muah

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