tis the season

Happy holidays everyone!  Tis the season to be jolly, for real.  For the past couple days I’ve been oozing with holiday spirit and determined to get gift wrapping and all of my shopping done early this year.  It’s so much more fun when you don’t have to rush and speed shop last minute.  I can honestly say this year has been the first year I’ve been properly prepared.  Now the days before Christmas I can focus more on cooking and baking, maybe some practice rounds before I bring my family first time recipes.   

Here’s a little bit of my christmas wrapping MUST HAVE:



one-  gift boxes for jewelry or anything little!  they are the best to wrap or decorate

two- plain wrapping paper was my choice this year.  this gives you the option to make things simple and elegant or fun and cute 

three- SHARP SCISSORS.  get yourself a good pair of scissors that cuts through things with ease.  take your time cutting your wrapping paper so it cuts clean and evenly 

four-  decorative ribbon and string

five- tacky glue..it’s all purpose and glues anything and everything

six- decorative tape






and some holiday meatloaf:



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