fall feelings






one-  Amber did artwork for a clothing designer from Cleveland that was in Project RunWay for her fashion show.  It was the first fashion show I’ve ever been to.  The clothes were beautiful, they had candy and food everywhere, a cute photo booth, and it was awesome to see everyone I knew!  Amber designed pins and flyers for the event which were eventually turned into cute masks that people were wearing around.

two- An all day softball tournament that Bun and I watched in on.  They cannot get enough of softball even in the cold weather.  I think those are pumpkin muffins (people get pretty creative, sometimes we grill, sometimes people bring fried chicken and jojos haha).

three-  Went to a pumpkin patch with some buddies and Matt!  It was a rainy day but thankfully we got a break in the weather.  We picked out the perfect pumpkins (got bun a miniature one) to carve for the pumpkin carving party that night.  We made some grilled cheeses, tomato soup, and hand dipped carmel apples.  It was a fun way to get ready for halloween.

four- I won a free hair service from my friend Carolina from her super duper cute salon.  I gave it to my mom because I do the same boring stuff to my hair and mom LOVES getting her hair done.  Carolina did such a great job it was exactly what she wanted and it was awesome girl time to spend together.

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