exploring, loving







my birthday:

road trip to see ty segall/thee oh sees in toronto:

last day in toronto:

morning in toronto/on our way to niagara falls:

my birthday: i’m a very lucky lady.  i woke up to birthday cards planted in my purse and car with the go go’s record, swooning.  then i walked into work to cards, earrings, and a CAKE!  work blew past that day not only the build up from my birthday but knowing that i was leaving for toronto in two days.  sarah p made me the most beautiful hand made soap and lip balm.  matt took me out to my favorite place for dinner for my favorite mac n cheese.

road trip to see ty segall/thee oh sees in toronto:  we stopped at matt’s house to get our bikes and matt handed me a package for my birthday with a francoise hardy greatest hits cd, it took me so off guard i was so surprised! we strapped the bikes onto my car and headed to canada.  when we got there we realized our hotel was in a chinese mall which was awesome and different smack dab in the middle of china town.  next to a lot of shopping and exploring new shops, in walking distance of the best vintage shops, old and new food places.  we explored that all day.  by night we were at an overpriced bar to see ty segall and thee oh sees turned out to be a crazy amazing show, too much canadian crowd surfing, and fun dancing and freaking out.  i can say i like toronto more that new york city, i ate a lot of omelets, it was pretty expensive to be there, and the people were absolute sweet hearts.

last day in toronto: ….was my favorite day of all.  it was the best idea ever to bring our bikes along that wasn’t much of a hassle at all.  thank goodness for matt being awesome and patient with it taking the rack on and off on and off.  we pretty much went on a 6 hour bike ride through down town toronto to a bunch of parks.  we got back and ate a mound of pasta, walked around a little more to explore, and ended back at the hotel with a chocolate shake.

morning in toronto/on our way to niagara falls:  at the cutest breakfast that matt was ranting and raving about looking so handsome while we stuff up for the ride to niagara falls.  we stopped at ikea (it was matts first time) and he bought an organizing shelving unit.  as you can see, he’s stoked!  niagara falls was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my life.  defiantly the first time i couldn’t breath (literally we road the maid of the mist wind/spraying water/just the craziest site ever).  in line we kind of became friends with this older couple that were on a road trip from california, bill and joan.  they made me so excited and just generally put me in the best mood.  right when we were riding up to the falls bill said to joan,”baby, you are my heroin”  i about died and went to heaven.

totally worth everything, every little bit.  came home to an anxious happy psychotic bunny.


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