rewarding weekend

Putting a line through items of TO-DO lists is the best thing ever.  My busiest week/weekend is now over and moving on to a fresh new week.  Mom is almost through her first week in recovery from surgery, buddy art show was awesome, and I’ve gotten a lot of cleaning done in both mine and my moms house.  All of the rushing was well worth the end result.  Such cute jewelry, photos, paintings, and recycled record art.  Way awesome, was glad to be a part of it.

Went to grandma Pauline’s house and went through what was left at her house.  Found some fun things like an awesome wicker chest filled with afghans, her mini hand held dictionary, a tea cup set, plates, old banners, and little ice cream cups (she used to make cherry jello with banana chunks inside).  Just some neat things that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Got these VHS tapes today! Can’t beat it.

Dan and Michelle are proud new owners of Mitch face! Thanks guys!

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