ups and downs

Honestly since my last update, life has been pretty crazy, ups and downs ups and downs.  On one hand, we were so lucky to have little baby Jade finally born into our lives heathy as a button.  On the other, we lost a dear friend that made everyone’s heart smile every time we saw him.  I don’t want to write to much about it because it’s not my place to vent on here but I can say that if you friggin knew him, he loved you.  We love you always Mitch.

Mom is getting hip replacement surgery in a week and a half.  I’m freaking out.  Not only nervous but there’s so much to get ready for.  4 days after, I’m in an Buddy Art Show.  Everything gets donated to Mitch and his dad that is my main motivation.  So much, too much to do.

This poor blog has been suffering but I love it still, I hope you do too.  Thanks for pals who keep this link somewhere on their computer to read when they’re bored.  It means a lot and makes me love you!  Anyway, here’s some pictures, not super recent but they will do.

new suitcase , new shoes

my favorite things/places

“ice cream paint job” for sale at Buddy Art Show

music festivals/cleveland/best pals

One thought on “ups and downs

  1. Hi Allyson…sorry to hear about your friend. Try not to worry too much about your mom she will need you to be strong and just there for here, I’m sure it will go very well. Hugs to you and Bunny


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