~~best weekend/NEW JOB~~

Today has been such a good day because of all the beautiful things in my life plus warm sunshine.  Today I feel like I can do anything. I got a new job answering phones and doing office work for a pest control company with the most friendly people.  It came totally out of nowhere and so easily  I love it so much!  I have my own desk (I’m making a pencil cup tonight).  Can’t wait to put my mason jar picture of bunny and matthew on it.  It’s just what it needs to make it my own.  This job is perfect for me, I have everything that I want.  A boyfriend that loves me, a pup that is my right hand girl, a mother that is my queen bee, the most awesome roommates and house, and a job that I love.  I could just die.


On friday night we played indoor volleyball at this bar/indoor/outdoor gym.  There was at least 30 of us there just drinkin beers and playing sports!  We used to play every sunday but now there are leagues there.  I’ll take what I can get it’s such a great workout.

Woke up Saturday and worked brunch then met Matt and buddies at the Westside Market Cafe for lunch and bloody marys!  I love that place I forgot there was a bar inside.  That place has a lot of history I feel lucky to still have it with the environment around it.  After that Matt and I went to some antique stores to shop around for a vintage frame Matt was looking for!  I swear those antique shops are way cool.  I got so inspired from it!

I pretty much slept all night saturday then woke up and made breakfast with Matt and fed the buddies.  Then Matt passed out sunday so I ate some food, laid with bun, and crafted a little bit! (found some more lace for $1)!!


Went out to wing night for a celebration dinner for my new job!

Text from mom being super sweet about the new job

My first day training was today!  I still work at Lucky’s for two more weeks but every day after work will be going to the office to learn a little bit more.  It went perfect today plus it’s 65 degrees here in Cleveland in february which is unreal!!  Tonight I’m going to dinner with Mom and Mikey.  It shall be a hoot.  Right now I’m hanging out on my back porch with Bunny soakin up the sun

Beginning of the day:

End of day:

xo,ally and bunny

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