girl time

What a perfect weekend with a perfect ending. Went to the bar both nights and had a blast with no hang over! Then sunday was chill time with the baby. We ate at Big Egg it’s my most special and favorite time of the week. It’s the best meal after a night of drinking. Ham and cheese omelette, rye toast, and home fries. Matt gets his favorite and then we split a chocolate chip pancake. I get a smile just thinking about it.

On sunday the girlfriends went downtown to eat for Sarah’s birthday. French onion soup, tortilla soup, fried calamari, buffalo chicken salad, fish taco grr yum grrr was it great. I also drank a bloody mary at 8oclock at night. Thee best bloody mary perfect amount of spicy and thickness. Went back home to see my babes and passed out watching Beetlejuice. I remember walking upstairs and plopping down into bed and it was so warm, I was so comfy. Not to mention this afternoon that certain babe came into the cafe for some coffee! My heart jumps every time, I get so nervous! I enjoy it more than anything and can’t do anything but smile. I’m so lucky.

Now Sammie and I are having some hang time. Talking, smoking cigarettes, Pineapple Express, candy, and Bunny. So Fun! That sweet girl gave me my valentine: had a little notebook, candy cigarettes, candy, and a hand made card! I love it, crafting girlfriends are the best! YAY FOR US!



(look my beautiful roses opened up!)

shoes are off, xo

ally and bunny

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