holy smokes!

Second post today but that’s because that first post is so far from how I’m feeling right now I could explode into a million little hearts.    So you remember how crummy my day was 6 hours ago?  Not at all any more.  I was being mopey all day  and Matt said he had something for me to make me feel better.  I finally fell asleep with my window open even and I get a text that wakes me up like three minutes later and it was Matt saying that he left something in the front door.  So I jumped up cause I thought he was going to be down there I was ready to lose my marbles, opened the front door and there was a gift bag! but no Matt.  This cute little thing left me a present in between my doors to make me smile but it did a little more than that.  It was the most thoughtful thing a man has ever done to me cause when I opened it there was ….a martha stewart magazine (you already should know how i feel about her,love her guts), a pack of bic lighters (for the past couple days i’ve been an idiot never being able to find a lighter and now i have 5!), an anthropologie gift card ( no words, floored), and last but not least one of his beautiful cards that drive me nuts every time I read them.  I called him and was so shocked he did all of this nice stuff for me (he’s always a sweet heart ) just cause he was thinking about me not to mention everything he choose had a cute lil meaning,  thanking him telling him I loved him.  This is really embarrassing but when I got off the phone with him just in the nick of time, I started sobbing like a crazy person.  I was so overwhelmed with happiness I was literally crying so hard.  I needed to tell someone what just happened so I called my mom thinking I’d be able to explain it but the only thing I did was cry harder.  She thought something was wrong and by the time I finished my whole story she was like “so you’re crying like this cause you’re HAPPY?!”.  I guess I forgot to tell her everything was fine she said I gave her a heart attack.  The only thing I can compare this to is if you’ve ever seen the youtube video of Kristen Bell on Ellen getting a sloth for her birthday party by her boyfriend, her like anxiety level is so high she started balling her eyes out.  Well yeah, silly, but I couldn’t control it I’m actually glad Bunny was the only thing that had to witness it.


THEN to make my night even better, my mom just picked up my nephew Mikey while I was on the phone with her so we went out to dinner and laughed and talked.  I love time with those two.

Now I’m sitting at home with the Bunny about to watch the new Twilight movie together, yay!


ally and bunny

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