nothing but love

Valentines Day was cute Bunny and I spent the night at Matt’s house.  I made chorizo hot peppers with marinara and provolone cheese.  I kept accidently touching my eyes and nose after I touched the hot peppers that left my face ON FIRE!  I’m not kidding I almost thought it wasn’t going to go away it stung so bad.  It was silly we laughed about it.  They are so easy to make and Matt and I love them.  Matt had a stinky day at work so the least I could do was bring some dinner and a movie all he had to do was shower and eat!  While I was making food he came downstairs with yellow roses (yellow’s my favorite color) and one of his awesome cards ( he writes the sweetest cards, they’re my favorite).  I made him a mix cd and embroidered him “nobody baby but you and me”.  It’s from a song we share special with each other.  I used the french knot on the project.  They are so addicting to make!  My next project will just be french knots everywhere falling out of clouds.  Anyways, after we ate we watched Rum Diaries and laughed a little.  We went to bed early stuffed and sleepy.  It was a great night with the perfect babe.   ALSO!  I have every bodies valentines cards that I made and did not pass out!  I’m so upset I totally forgot about them so as lame as it is, you’ll get them whenever I see ya.


ally and bunny

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