~~date night~~

I could not have asked for a more excellent perfect super awesome sunday. Matt and I did the whole valentines day thing today since things on Tuesday will be too busy! Instead we picked this wonderful snowy comfy sunday to eat everything in sight and laugh all day. We started off waking up super early and eating some breakfast on the couch! It’s very rare that we eat at home in the mornings on the weekend but when we do, it’s a fun time for Matt and I to talk about things and laugh. We ate some toast and cereal then went to my favorite place to get coffee! He gets this peanut butter latte called the “Syracuse” with house made peanut butter! This drink is so creamy and rich and delicious we love it. Then we did a little shopping around (sometimes we get a little crazy)spend some $$$. We went to the thrift store and found a ton of things! Matt bought a crummy receiver that didn’t end up working properly and you can’t even take it back, no returns but everything I got was awesome (see picture). After that, I went to my place to shower and get all done up because we were going to see The Artist at this cute place called Capitol Theater! We loved the movie, it was perfect and loving I’d see it again in a heart beat. We ate dinner at this mexican restaurant called Momocho. Upside down crosses everywhere, silly servers, bangin margaritas, guac/chips, special moments. Tonight was perfect. We have ended the night off with Sweet Moses, a soda fountain shop, home made chocolate and icecream! It’s our favorite dessert place. They make these carmel apples that I die over. That is all for today! I’m so pooped I didn’t even take a nap! I will now go into a food coma …here’s pictures first.

random pictures of bunny

this is the disgusting amount of hair that gets on me from bunny!! ehm, ew.

xo Start of our day xo

bunny in the morning ::melts::

thrift store finds! clear mason jar with handle, cute piggie jar, sweet sectional shelve frame, bling bling gold sea shell belt, mids combat boots, vintage fabric



ally and bunny

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