positive day

This morning I went to a doctors appointment with mom.  She’s always such a comfort when I’m scared to do something by myself.  She was supposed to come with me so I was going to pick her up but we were playing phone tag and couldn’t get ahold of each other.  I  ended up driving myself and minutes after I arrive she drove herself all the way there just to be with me.   She understands me.  The sun was out and beautiful and after a successful appointment we went to Starbucks for some coffee.  She had her first vanilla latte and liked it.  We talked for a couple hours about everything.  I showed her the life of bloggers and beautiful inspiring things that I like to look at for ideas.  We talked about how wonderful and special Matt is.  It’s only three o’clock and I feel like nothing could touch me.  I fed Bunny some doggy ice cream, now she’s passed out on my bed looking like a little potato.  I need to take a shower and run to the store.

Besides everything with my grandma, I went to Greg’s memorial service at Lucky’s on Sunday.  It was beautiful and fun and not depressing.  They played music, drank beers and coffee, plus the most amazing finger foods you can think of and it was all in the love of Greg.  We miss you and think of you every day Greg.  Later that night, Matt and I went to watch the super bowl at our friend John and Laurens house.  SO MUCH DIP/CHIPS/LAUGHS.  I’m always amazed at how hard the football players attack each other!  Matt thinks it’s cute.  It was laid back and just what I needed after all the mess of the weekend.

Here’s some random pictures of the last couple days.

Thee best picture of my nephew eating ice cream at my mom’s birthday dinner!

Super Bowl projector action

Cute donut from Shan

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