family & food


my button nephew mikey and my sassy mom


Bunny got a shot today and she did really well!  If anything I was more uncomfortable and scared for her haha.  She’s so cute what a little warrior ninja.  They gave her an exam also.  She’s very healthy and a little piece of muscle the vet said!  After that I went to the grocery store and bought a whole bunch of yummy food.  I’m trying to work on planning before head on my meals when I’m grocery shopping it will help not go out and to fix my own portions rather than feeling the need to eat an 8lb meal at a restaurant.  Also I worked out today!  If only I could commit to working out, shit’s hard especially with Jillian Michaels talking like an asshole on the dvd.  I smacked my ankle on the coffee table while I was doing “butt kicks” OMG IT HURT…still frackin hurts.

Now watching cable, crafting,  and hangin with the girls for the night.

good night


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