Before I forget, this is what I made for my dad for christmas that I never showed you!  It was really rushed and I wasn’t one hundred percent ready to give it to him I wanted to do so much more but I needed to get it done.  Maybe I’ll just start making him a collection of them he loves collecting things!  He put it on his tree like a cutie.

Oh my god and this one for this kind man Bobby D who comes into my work every single morning and tips me for doing easy things for him and brings me in chocolate and peanuts!  I’ve been working there for almost two years and he’s been so good to me so I made him this!  He owns a demolition company $$$

Just little simple things like this make me happy.  They aren’t very complex or perfectly done but I think that’s kind of my style.  There’s a different coffee shop in Tremont that I would like selling my things in because Lucky’s has so many rules the art has to be rated G…which is dumb.  I just need to stay focused and make make make make make make.

Yesterday (MLK Day)  all of the museums in Cleveland were free admission so I thought it would be the best idea ever to drive there around lunch time after I got off work.  It was packed I couldn’t find parking anywhere and after having a long morning at work I drove all the way back home!  It was like an hour of travel time just me sitting in my car by myself, no Bunny to even make me giggle.  Going to the museums remind me of my Uncle Dale who used to take all of us kids to go see everything there was to see.  I remember it being so much fun and then eventually continuing to go with my friends ever year.   All of them are so stinkin amazing not to mention the opening of the Cleveland Aquarium is this Saturday!  It will be insane and a cute lil date for the babe n I, whenever we decide to go.

My little red sketch book that I keep in my purse and LOVE IT!  If you don’t have one I suggest you get one.  It’s helped me keep my lists,doodles, and things I’m thinking real close and handy!  These pages are now filled once my brain started flowing!  Ah, feels good.

What’s in my bag…

Hanging out at home on the comfy couch with Matt n Bunny, doesn’t get better than this!   Oh yeah, Happy birthday to my lady Cindy!


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