wednesday’s are cool


We love wednesdays!  Wednesdays are my day off from work.  I pick up my tips and then spend it on my way home.   By the time I get home I’ve almost spent all of it. Bunny was in the car and we ran errands together.  We love stopping at the pet store to sniff around and spend $$ on food.

Came home and made my favorite things lately to eat for breakfast!

~strawberry banana yogurt,toast 1/2 cheddar.egg, 1/2 butter.grape jelly~

Then we came home and I finally finished my moms belated present!

I want to craft more!  Maybe sell some at Lucky’s…appropriate ones.  Ideassssss!!!

Monday night was sweet.  Living with Shannon is the coolest ever.  She likes to be home, I like to be home, we like the living room and Rhianna.  So monday night her boyfriend Kevin came over and made us spinach and eggs yumzone. Then we continued to watch Hoarders and Intervention all night, talk, and watch cute dog/puppy youtube videos.  Fun!  Next monday we’re going to have a double date to my favorite restaurant, Fat Cats in Tremont then watch the new Intervention! Sounds fun and depressing and cuddly right!?

We chilled out and went silly.

Work tomorrow! Don’t hate it that much right now

Bunny says goodnight too..

xoxo ally and bunny

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