martha stewart and eggs

This post is going to be about Martha Stewart and eggs because I love them both so much.  First off I know Martha Stewart isn’t all the brains on her recipes,crafting, and decorating but hot dang her stuff rules!  I can only hope to be that gangster when I grow up, minus the prison part.  I used to not understand why my mom would record her show on vhs (one time she accidently recorded over a tape that was my brothers bday when he was little…funny).  He was so mad when he found out that she taped over it but I bet it was a good friggin episode.  Now I understand!  I want all of her craft paper,kitchen, pets and to see her show next time I’m in New York!  I’m watching her program right now and she’s kind of funny and straight forward.  I like er.

Egg story:

I never ate eggs of any kind until about 4 months ago, now it’s all I ever want to eat.  They used to make my stomach hurt (they still do) but it hurts so good now!  It all started from eating the breakfast burritos at Lucky’s.  I used to hate breakfast cause all I wanted was a stupid waffle or pancake but now I can get in on the breakfast specials and dump hot sauce all over it!  Nothing better than cheddar and egg. I’m on a breakfast sandwich kick and getting pretty good at it!

I might craft for a little bit today.  I have some fun ideas that I need to get down on paper!  I got some new high waisted jeans that I LOVE!  So a shower and new outfit is in order

That thing in my hand is my 2011 daily planner that I gladly cut up into a million pieces this morning!  New start, new year, new iphone, no need for a new hand written planner but still!  Feels good to move on

that’s all for now,


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