Here is my sunday.

Bunny.Matthew.sleep.bloody marys.embroidery at the bar. football.Bunny.Bunny.Dinner. Movie.

Cant reveal this because the person I made it for will know and they might be reading this. Maybe not, but just to be safe.  I’ll show you when I’m done.   🙂

Karaoke/chatroulette /Holly’s birthday party at the bar

Found this travel bag a couple months ago at the thrift and finally used it as my over night bag at Matt’s house.  I love it so much.  We’re thinking of taking a trip to Miami when buddies go on the Bruise Cruise so this bag will be perfect!  We are going to look at plane tickets on tuesday!  I’m already getting nervous as to my plans for Bunny sitting.  Ah, I’m sure it will work it’s self out.

Watching Hangover 2 right now, I’ll tell you if it’s worth redboxin

xo ally and bunny

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