i love sunday

Just ate thee largest and my most favorite breakfast -ham and cheese omelette, homefries,rye toast!  Now that I don’t work sundays, I cherish the sunday buddy food time.  If you work sundays I feel your pain, but I think it’s worth quitting your job for, hehe.  Today I plan on finishing my present for my mom, snuggling Bunny, a possible bloody mary, and a nice movie!  Sunday is the coolest day!

Tomorrow is our “holiday party” for work.  It’s from 6-9p.m…..We’re supposed to have beer,sushi,and pizza.  We’ll see how that goes. Last year the party was awesome, it was a ton of home made food and munchies with special cocktails at the owners house.  Sounds a tad different right…oh well.

A couple nights ago Bunny and I did some paper pom pom crafts! Hopefully when I get around to taking the christmas tree and decorations  we can hang them and make the house pretty!  I bought this craft from the Martha Stewart craft collection on sale with the tissue paper already cut along with the wires.  It’s really easy to make your own but this little kit was worth the $3 I paid.


She will be registered in my name once I turn in the transfer for her!!  She’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, other than Matthew ; )


I love sunday

xo ally and bunny

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