i miss you

Today I’ve been feeling totally relaxed.  All I did all day was eat, watch tv, get my heart beat pumping (can’t even call it working out) and went grocery shopping.  Not as much shopping as I’d like to do but I’m completely broke right now, could only get the essentials today.  I woke up this morning in Matt’s bed, missin’ him, he’s the best in the morning and sets my day straight.

Drove home and was pleasantly surprised at how the place looked.  I love living here.  Not necessarily the neighborhood but my house rules, seriously.

Ate some breakfast: english muffin, apple slices, yogurt, coffee

I sat on the couch with Bunny and watched the food network channel all day then Amber came home and surprised me with this from the thrift store cause it made her think of me!  It’s a mushroom plaque for my wall/or kitchen I haven’t decided yet.  Makes me feel loved.

Finally it was time to make dinner.  I used the salad spinner that my mom got me for christmas that I wanted so bad.  It was perfect for tonight.  Lettuce/mozzarella cheese/sliced almonds/chicken/asian sesame ginger soy dressing.  Raawr

Then drank some tea from my new tea pot with my sweet angel

I invited my mom to come over with Moe and Mindy (her dogs, my OG.babies)  and watch this red box movie The Tree of Life with me that I just got.  I had this crazy urge to see her and hug her and hang out with her but she was working and couldn’t.  I miss living with her and keeping each other company.  Honestly, today was my first day hanging completely alone and it made me sad (not to mention I’m extremely hormonal at the moment.)  It made me think about my mom and how she doesn’t hang out with people on the daily and doesn’t get to see me as much as her and I would like.  Today, I just miss my mom horribly.  She makes me laugh and brightens my day, I know I do the same for her.  I know everyone talks so highly of their mom and thinks she’s better than everyone else but I can honestly say that my mom is thee fucking coolest,kindest,and funniest.  I’m sure your mom’s pretty cool, but my mom’s cooler.  This new year, I’m going to make more time to spend time with the woman I love more than anything.

This post is for my mom

xo ally and bunny

3 thoughts on “i miss you

  1. That was a very nice thing you posted about your mom. She is a very special person & very proud of you. Try to keep your resolution. Here is a quote I try to live by ‘The way to truly appreciate someone is to realize that you might lose them someday’ Might be a nice craft project 🙂

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