all i do is eat

All I’ve been doing for the past three weeks is stuffing my face and over eating! I feel so gross but when I’m hungry, I’m hungry!! That chili w/bread chunks yesterday was so yummo!   Poor Matt’s not feeling well right now. He didn’t go to work today but since it’s blizzzzzzzarding, work was dead for me too.  I came home around 12 and we’ve been being couch potatoes and watching netflix all day.  I brought him home some Luckys (curry chicken salad sandwich for me, and a grilled turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo for Matthew) Just ate McDonalds, but fuck it, I got chicken nuggets instead of a big mac….and a small fry instead of a regular one…ugh. Tomorrow I go to pick up my tips I’m going to go to the grocery store and stock the f up and things I want to eat instead of McDonalds.   It’s so easy to eat irresponsibly with a boyfriend!

Today I made a not finished list of things I’m going to work on for this new year!  And let me tell you I have a ton of room to improve myself..I want to!

Tonight will no doubt be filled with snuggles, snorts from Bunny, and watching movies with my honey.  No work tomorrow so that means I get to sleep in again! Grr it feels like I’ll never leave Matts house, but tomorrow’s the day.  Also, I’m going to work out, I need it~!

I will now leave you with an adorable picture of my baby Bun.

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